new drawing

September 29, 2009

heres a sketch i did for my friends leg that i recently started the frankenstein cholo on.

wolfman cholo


back at it!

September 22, 2009

so ive been working on painting for a change and realize how much i miss it, so hopefully itll keep me going for a bit, with that said heres a painting i finished over the weekend since i was sick and had nothing better to do.

webstore now open!!!

September 21, 2009

beat box studio!!

September 18, 2009

while looking at Chachi Carvalhos blog i saw he and J. Depina made a little video inside the new revamped Beat Box Studio. if you watch closely you can see the murals i painted, inside the recording booth and out.

biomechanical skull

September 18, 2009

heres a design i drew up for a friends tattoo that im supposed to do
more to come soon as theres still quite a few things being worked on.


September 8, 2009

heres a tattoo i did the other day on my lovely girlfriends shin
took 3 hours and is about 6×7

heres the sketch i did for the tattoo


September 4, 2009

so ive been slacking on getting drawings done everyday, but im hoping to atleast post something almost everyday since there is a bit of stuff thats a work in progress for artwork and whatnot. but we will see how that goes

so until then heres a shot of my messy studio


August 20, 2009

heres the first 2 sketches that ive done in the past few days
basically going to be using this book to play around with different ideas whether its for a tattoo or a painting

been hectic

August 18, 2009

so in the last post i said i would be posting a drawing a day, well needless to say ive been quite busy and havent had much time to do anything, BUT i have done a few new tattoos and i also have a few more people interested in some super fun ideas for their own.

ALSO i do plan on going out and grabbing a moleskine sketchbook today in hopes that i will use it daily, and keep it with me as much as possible

pictures of new artwork to come soon, sorry for slacking

unemployment sucks!

July 26, 2009

my unemployment benefits just ran out so ive been super busy with all sorts of crap on trying to get money so i dont have to find a job.

there will be updates daily starting this week since i plan on going out and grabbing a sketchbook to do sketches of tattoo flash ideas ive got that id like to tattoo on some of you that read this blog. please do not hesitate to contact if youd like some work done as im trying to add some cool shit to my portfolio.

heres a little something ive been working on